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Full Version: Error in mybb - wamp
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Given that I installed the new windows 7, i reinstalled wamp too.
But when I upload mybb files:

Quote:MyBB Internal Error

MyBB has experienced an internal error and cannot continue.
Error Type:
Error Message:
Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated
File: C:\wamp\www\forum\inc\class_core.php
Line: 163
160. $this->strip_slashes_array($_GET);
161. $this->strip_slashes_array($_COOKIE);
162. }
163. set_magic_quotes_runtime(0);
164. @ini_set("magic_quotes_gpc", 0);
165. @ini_set("magic_quotes_runtime", 0);
Backtrace:File Line Function
C:\wamp\www\forum\inc\class_error.php 171 errorHandler->output_error
[PHP] errorHandler->error
C:\wamp\www\forum\inc\class_core.php 163 set_magic_quotes_runtime
C:\wamp\www\forum\inc\init.php 51 MyBB->MyBB
C:\wamp\www\forum\global.php 19 require_once
C:\wamp\www\forum\index.php 18 require_once

Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

If i go to the install path it seems ok but at the top:
Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in C:\wamp\www\forum\inc\class_core.php on line 163
There's a post at MyBB which explains how to get MyBB working with PHP 5.3.x
Thanks Seeker Smile
i was having this issue, was to lazy to search lol so i just ignored it.
so thanks for posting OP and thanks for the links Seeker.
I could install the 5.2 on wamp
I have installed PHP 5.3 on wamp today and followed that post and fixed things