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Full Version: Menu Editor
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I, and I guarantee a LOT of others, would LOVE to have a Menu Editor. This will allow you to edit the TOP MENU of your site, in the ACP. Allowing you to RENAME the links, WHERE they go, And WHAT LINKS are on there. And the ability to ENABLE/DISABLE the top menu!

Can't be too hard :S.
By top menu, do you mean the menu with the "Invite Plaza Subscribe Search etc" in this forum?
Indeed, sir.
Hmm, not sure about this plugin. Some themes don't use this kind of menu
Then those themes won't allow you to have this then. But MOST themes DO use this menu.
Okay, thank you. I'll probably make this Smile
YAY Smile. I think it will be VERY beneficial.
Call this something like...MyMenu 1.0 Smile
Yeah probably lol