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Full Version: Update for myshoutbox: Highlight Name
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A simple add onto the shout box: Add a highlight ANYTIME and EVERYTIME someone's name is said (IF it's their OWN name!) So, if my name is bob, and I go to some forums, and see someone has said "bob", it'll be highlighted. Perhaps make this an option in the shoutbox (on by default).

Also add an option to highlight text for mybb perhaps (in shoutbox) [highlight=yellow]yellow backgrounded words[/highlight]

Also, add option to CHANGE PM COLOR OPTIONS IN ADMIN PLEASE! People can NOT read PM's. And I can't seem to change. So please, add option to change HEX COLOR of PM LETTERS and BACKGROUND HIGHLIGHT OF PM's!

Thank you!
This is a good one... Smile
I won't update MyShoutbox anymore, a new one is in the works
Well, in this new shoutbox, can you include the above listed? Thanks.
The 2nd one, yes. The 1st one no because it's too intensive. Imagine searching for your name in 30 shouts every 30 seconds 8)
Ok, um, 2 more things:

1) Add option of where to set up the date/time stamp? Like, left or right of username.

2) Add option to slightly lighten every other line in the shoutbox chats, thus making it slightly easier to read?

3) Ability to EASILY change ANY colors (or most) of the shoutbox items (Font, PM Font, PM Background, SB Background) (I mean to change the DEFAULT in ACP)

4) Ability to enable/disable the part of the shoutbox where you enter a player id, notifying them you want to talk to him/her - know what I mean? Cause I don't like it :S

5) Ability to change the way usernames show in the shoutbox - Cause right now, I have diff groups, and each group has it's own "tag" like [vip | {username}]. In shoutbox, I only want it to show {username} without the "tag"

6) Ability to change the direction of the shoutbox chat (bottom UP or Up to bottom (<that's what it is right now), I'd like for newest posts to be at the bottom

6b) When you change the direction, it changes the placing of the "Shout" text area and button

7) Easy ability to change Font Type (like arial, or courier, or w/e) (I mean to change the DEFAULT in ACP)

8) Ability to disable the "FULL VERSION" of shoutbox. I don't want that there, looks shitty, and no one uses it :S.

I'm asking for these to be added/changed/removed from/to the NEW shoutbox that's being created. Thank you.

Also, ETA on new shoutbox?
1) Useless, you can do this by editing the templates
2) Not sure what you mean here
3) Useless, you can do this by editing the templates
4) The send message to uid has been removed in the new version
5) the var {username} is formatted according to the display group style
6) It will be back to template edits so it's easier for me to debug any problems that may happen regarding to the shoutbox not showing up
7) Probably yes, I don't know yet
8) The full shoutbox is used by a lot of people actually, specially if you want to search for a shout (there's no search function so you must do it manually)

No ETA, I still have a lot of priorities. But I've done some work already
Whether or not something can be edited by editing the templates, perhaps either 1) show a nice tutorial or 2) adding the option would be nice because I for one, do not know what exactly to edit. That's why I pay you...
No, MyShoutbox is free and has nothing to do with subscriptions or custom plugins. That means I do what I want with it Wink
Well.....I'm stronger than umm....I tell YOU how it gets done......

*curles up in corner*...
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