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Full Version: Thread shortcuts.
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ok as some of you know i have a err.."my projects board"

i divide my released based on platform but sometimes i will release multi-platform releases and thats were the problem arises. to have the same release thread for a project that is multi-platform show up under to different catagories i would have to create 2 threads.. wasteful. so is there a way that i can creat one thread, then have some option to make a "fake" post that links to the original thread under a different category?

i posted here cause i figured maybe a plugin would do this.
There is a way, (not sure if there's another way) just post it in one of the forums, then copy/move it to another forum leaving an unlimited time redirect in the old forum
yea i thought of that, just that the.... nvm what i was saying. i just noticed that it actually has an option to copy.. i swear that wasn't there 2 seconds ago Confused

nope nvm didn't do what i wan'ted. and found out why it wasn't there 2 sec's ago. guess ill have to do the *ugly* move method.
It was Tongue