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Full Version: NewPoints var?
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Whats the variable for it to like post it? Like in templates and such? Thanks
what do you mean? Smile
The variable to show how many points/money you have. You get me?
ok Smile here it is.. for postbit
the money for each user is $mybb->user['newpoints']
however NewPoints formats the points with the currency symbol, decimal cases, etc.. before the points are output. So you will need some coding if you want them to be formatted
sorry i was wrong with my above post Big Grin
You were right actually chonghua
I am trying to put the number of points one has in the header, next to my link to the point system, but neither one of these seem to work...
What are you putting?
I first tried: {$post['newpoints_postbit']} but that didn't work, probably because It's supposed to be points of the poster, and in the header, there is none Smile
I also tried this: $mybb->user['newpoints'] because I didn't care if it formatted it, but that didn't work, I also tried a couple variations, but couldn't get anything to work...
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