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Full Version: No longer developing MyPlaza Turbo
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Yeap, that's right.
I am no longer developing MyPlaza Turbo nor MyPlaza Turbo modules.
I am developing NewPoints now.
I will still give support to it while the following plugins for NewPoints are not available to the public:
  • Shop
  • MyDownloads compatible with NewPoints
  • Slot Machine

Thank you.
nice to know that you are concent to newpoints Smile
so is the site going to change again
Yes once I'm done with the Shop plugin, I'll change the system, however I'll use the converter #1 to convert all your points so you don't lose them. Note that the points in your bank will be transferred to your hand first by running a MySQL query.
I'll also use a converter to convert the inventory items and to convert your inventory. I'll probably close the board by then because this might be a slow process
so alot of us will still be multimillionairs? If so are you going to have more stuff to do with our money?
Yes I'll be working on it the next months
sounds fine to me... change away!!!
Will you share the converter too? :p
Yes it will come with it by default so you can run it.
At the moment, I have the shop done, admin cp pages done so you can add/edit/delete categories and items.
You can buy items from the shop and view your inventory.

* send item
* sell item
* view someone else's inventory
* make the converter

can't think of anything else
will i lose the bank points? If yes let me take it xD
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