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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Is this bug resolved?
What bug?
Try recreate the problem and you will see: create group rule with time 86400 and for example 50 points added per that period. Wait 10 - 20 minutes and review users of that group. Points are added each second I guess. So, pretty nasty bug whitch do not allow to use group feature for automated points.
You're running 1.9.9 right?
Yes, I'am running 1.9.9.
Then if you have that issue, it's not fixed.
I'm running 1.9.8, what do I need to update to 1.9.9.
I can not find upgrade file

I have now updated from 1.9.9 but still I got the error that when the user another promotes its Reflink, he gets no points
What error?
Hi, I would like to allow the gain of points with the topic views. For example: I set the gain of topic views at 0.01 point per view, i open a topic and i receive 100 views then 1 point.
Any plugin or solution? There will be this feature in the next version?
That is not possible, sorry. Would be very easy to cheat.