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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Unfortunately that is not possible, sorry.
To bad that would be a nice feature to help stop people just referring people and not getting them to post. Thanks anyways.
I'm not sure why, but for some reason my users are getting MUCH more points than they should. For example, I have a group rule set up for admins, it's set to pay 50 points every 86400 seconds. However, in like 2-3 days I have almost 20,000 points. Income rate is set to 1. Should I be using some different settings?
Are you using 1.9.9?
Well I believe so... the package I uploaded was 1.9.9 but using your plugin updater says that it is 1.9.8.

Looking at the file, the plugin version is still 1.9.8.
I've just downloaded the ZIP and the version is 1.9.9.
Oh, well maybe I'm not sure what I'm talking about lol

I just noticed in (inc->plugins->newpoints.php) on line 65 is:
define('NEWPOINTS_VERSION', '1.9.8');

I'm not sure if maybe that is why its telling me the version is out of date.
I forgot to update the version on my server sorry. If you're having problems with the group rules, then there is likely a bug there.
Ok, I will see if I can duplicate it find where it may be going wrong.
Thanks, I appreciate it!