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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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It's most likely a plugin (e.g. a bank plugin).
Download NewPoints 1.9.8 !Smile
It is a must have MyBB Plugin..
NewPoints 1.9.9 is now available, it is urgent that everyone upgrades, there is a major bug that (in some cases) had influence on the points attributed and/or deducted.
Finally, I downloaded this release. Thank you.
I advise those who upgraded to 1.9.9 to re-download the ZIP and re-upload the files. I left a debugging line in the code which would PM user 648 of every transaction - in a few days the user's inbox may get full Big Grin
is it possible to modify the points of users manually as well?
so i can add points to user accounts whenever i want
(because i want to have certain things on my forum that people can do and then they receiving points for those things in return, a task thats not build into the system, obviously)

is it possible to exclude usergroups from the whole point system?
so like not let the point system be applied to a certain usergroup
For the former, go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance -> Edit User

For the latter, you must add groups rules to do that.
(11-19-2013, 09:14 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]For the former, go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance -> Edit User

For the latter, you must add groups rules to do that.

maybe a noob question... but could you give me instructions on how to get the point system disabled for certain usergroups?
i know, i read ''add group rules to that'' and yes i have seen ''that page thats called that'' , within the plugin
but im wondering, what exactly do i need to do then?
like what kind of rules? what do the settings have to be that i can such result?

thank you
Select the group, set the income rate to 0 and they'll receive no points. The income rate is the multiplier of the points, that is if they post 1 thread, they get (e.g.) 10 points, that is multiplied by the income rate (0) so they get 0 points.

Then there are the payout settings in which you can specify a certain amount to be paid in a certain period of time.
Hey I had a question regarding the plugin, for the Points for Referrals, is it possible in any way to hold those points til the referral makes X Post.

I ask because on my forum, members were making multiple accounts and just sending all the points that they got to one, which was an issue for us, so the X Post for referral payments would help a little avoid this issue.