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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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yes thats what i mean but it dosent show how many points you get on home
I'm sorry I don't understand, can you please explain?
how to add extras look at pic

blue writing

[Image: Untitled.png]
Edit the 'newpoints' template and add more options below {$options}
I installed New Points,the store,and the lottery on my forum,but I don't know how to access them.Any help?
Go to
hello guys

there is a big problem in "per character" section.
when a user quote a post this plugin counts both user post contents and quoted contents.

for solve this problem u can put this file in core folder

i can't update to 1.9.5

Fatal error: Call to undefined function newpoints_rebuild_settings_cache() in /virtual/ on line 48
You must upload the 1.9.8 files first.
(07-05-2013, 09:16 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Edit the 'newpoints' template and add more options below {$options}

Where is it?