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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Whats the setting so it doesnt show in threads?
Can't find it for some reason :3
What do you mean?
hey i thought i would state this but if a admin or super mod goes in and does maintenance on the Recount Points it automatically reset points specially after using some of the points. it doesn't keep track of the total amount of points taken away. it resets back to the normal amount that was given.

so like if i go into shop and spend 25 points and i have 340 i would have about 315. but after doing the recount points it brings me back to the amount i had before purchasing the item. or placing the money in the bank.
Recount doesn't take into account the amount of points spend.
Sir i can not find bank & donate my new point menu or any php file 1.97 verson
Where to upload Converters php file ?
pls help me
I'm sorry but the information you gave me is very little. I cannot help you if you don't provide more information about your problem.
Simply awesome plugin. Also, thank you for taking time to respond to my PMs!
I found an fail at the Forum Rules:

1. A Person creates a Thread in a Section where you can get points. And gets his Poins.
2. Moderator sees, that that Thread is in the wrong Section, and he moves the thread into a Section where you don't get any points.
3. The Points he got in the 1 Point, are NOT removed..

#please fix Smile
Yes I should probably "fix" that.
NewPoints 1.9.8 is now available.