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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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You can create Forum Rules and Group Rules.
when i am installing newpoints in my forum i got this error

[Image: Screen+Shot+2013-01-07+at+12.59.05+PM.jpg]
Looks like you didn't upload the files correctly.
1.9.7 is now available. Fixes an SQL injection vulnerability and one bug. Please upgrade asap.
is it spossed to have how meany points a user has on the front page ?
I don't understand, can you please ask it differently?
frount pade on the index page should have points states
Oh, no it should not.
just wondering, is there a way to remove points when posting?
i've tried to set the Income Rate to -1 but it didn't work
Setting the income rate to -1 should definitely work for the specified forum. Unless there's a bug somewhere I don't know of.