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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Do the same for grouprules.php Smile
I have a working 1.1 version, just finishing the shop plugin
when will you share the new 1.1?
Double post
btw, done editing grouprules.php
I can't guess the future, yet. lol
can't wait 1.1
I think I found a bug.

When you have for example 3 FORUM RULES and you edit one of them, all the 3 forum rules are change to exactly the same.
Are you sure about that?
Yes I test it twice.
I edit one of them and also the other was edit to exactly the same.
Okay, thank you, I've just fixed that (the same problems happens with group rules)
NewPoints 1.1 will come out very soon.
I've almost everythign done in the Shop plugin. This is what's left:
  • Show last purchases in statistics (the statistics page in the Admin CP already shows the last purchases but the one which is visible to everyone doesn't)
  • Edit profile page to show items of the user.
  • Converter to convert MyPlaza Turbo Inventory items to Shop items

Items won't be shown in the postbit.
cool looking forward on the release.. i can't wait it Big Grin