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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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I have tested this issue on my localhost and cannot reproduce it. Quick Reply gives points without any problems. So you must have a plugin conflicting with NewPoints.

Edit: Since I couldn't reproduce that problem, I decided to release 1.9.5 with important core changes.
I recently upgraded from 1.9.4 and I'm trying to access the settings file, and it comes up with an internal error
And what's the error? I can't just guess a fix.
I just switched back to 1.9.4 instead, but I do have a question; What coding could I use to display how many points a user has? I'm using advanced profile, and it doesn't include code to show it, so I'm adding it.
Here is the error:
Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home/a1355834/public_html/admin/modules/newpoints/settings.php on line 58

This is what the code is:

I'm sure it's an easy fix..mind helping me out?
Please try the ZIP I've just re-attached to the first post.

@BloodyNightmare I'm not sure if that plugin will work with NewPoints but try {$post['newpoints_postbit']}
By some reason from 1.9.4 to 1.9.5
all moderators are getting nonsense amounts of newpoints...
all of them had less than 1000 points
[Image: ZoBy]
and now all are over 10000

i can't confirm yet other usergroups do it too

maybe it's related to group payments?

[Image: ZoD5]

I've change the "points to pay" to 0 and it doesn't seem to change again, the point duplication (as a member of my forum called it) stopped

I dare to say it's a bug in group rules, il keep it disabled for the moment

maybe the upgrade did a recalculation or a sum of points based on time since register? some like that, i don' know.


Change Log
Fixes minor bugs.
Fixed an SQL error which appeared on the ACP.
Settings are cached which reduces one query per page.
Forum Rules and Group Rules are cached resulting in a performance increase.

Quote:Forum Rules and Group Rules are cached resulting in a performance increase and in a insane point duplication.

[Image: oh-you-show.jpg]
Nothing changed besides caching group and forum rules. I'll need to debug it but the code looks fine to me.
when I try to enter options gives me this error:

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in / home/infraga2/public_html/admin/modules/newpoints/settings.php on line 58
Please re-download and try again.