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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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It is possible but it's not implemented.
I have a problem. Newpoints does not add points. When i write a post the counter in the description of post does not increase. When i delete the post, the couter removes points.
Refresh the page. It increases.
Does not work

Edit/ Does not give points only for new posts. How can I fix this?
Try the New Reply page instead of the Quick Reply please
New Reply page works. Can i do something for a Quick Reply?
You probably have another plugin interfering with it. You'll need to test it on a different installation without any plugins.
Bug was with the plugin ModNotice Plus. Thanks

Edit: Is it possible to fix this error?
I am having this bug too, nobody is getting points when QUICK REPLYING; but normal reply it gives, i don't have modnotice plugin though, but they get points REMOVED when a post is removed o.o!

it seems is NOT an issolated problem, many people are having it too
Unless something has changed in MyBB (which I can't remember), I can't see why it acts like that since it worked before.

I'll look into that issue and release 1.9.5 which has been ready for a long time.