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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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PHP Code:
$compatibility_warning "<span style=\"color: red;\">".$lang->sprintf($lang->plugin_incompatibleNEWPOINTS_VERSION)."</span>";

Note that $plugininfo['compatibility'] is not a array.

PHP Code:
function newpoints_iscompatible($plugininfo)
// No compatibility set or compatibility = * - assume compatible
if(!$plugininfo['compatibility'] || $plugininfo['compatibility'] == "*")
$compatibility explode(","$plugininfo['compatibility']);

The argument "$plugininfo" is not a array but you are threating it as such in $plugininfo['compatibility'].

I suppose this only affects some host environments, since the warning didn't appeared in my live forum before.
By looking at that, what comes to mind is that:

should be:
That or modifying the function (to not pass all the array data), you have the last word.
Hello. I am experiencing an issue.

The point system installed, but the tab does not show on my forum, neither does it show on my admin panel.

When I try to uninstall, it says the following:
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1091 - Can't DROP 'newpoints'; check that column/key exists
ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` DROP `newpoints`;

Help please.
Did you get any errors when INSTALLING? Because that column should exist you installed it correctly really.
When installing my forum, no, no error. When installing the plug in, I had no errors.
Please try the attached file. Just re-upload all files.
Since you are working on v1.9.5, had you think about caching the settings? I have a working code, so if you want me to share for it just tell me (no want any credit at all).

One thing I didn't was to cache the groups rules, seem more difficult (considering plugins make use of it). Had you think about that possibility too? I can get something that works if you have no time for this.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be working on that now.
Do you remember of any issues on 1.9.4?
Just the " (double quote) in prefix being (somehow) escaped. I have not found the time to check what you asked for (since my board was deleted and I need to set it on local host with my backups to test it).

I managed to cache the group/forum rules now, but it sure requires a considerable amount of edits, glad you will work on it.