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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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(05-21-2012, 04:43 AM)Andrew Biersack Wrote: [ -> ]I tried removing the postbit, just to get rid of the images, it worked but has also removed the amount of points they have. Can someone help me with this? In postbit, what shall I change so it only shows amount they have and not the images for what they've bought?

Yes, sorry, for the shop plugin. For example, I want them to see the images in the shop, but once purchased I don't want it to show the image when they make posts, under their stats; reputation, post count etc.
You'll need to explain better, I'm not understanding your question sorry. You want a number of items purchased instead of images?
Well, if that's getting rid of the images yes, but like this:

[Image: 0E5cUp.jpg] If you can understand what I mean by that, as I have the myawards plugin and they can buy awards with your plugin.
I'm actually quite confused with your sketch Tongue
D: Dammit :p Basically I don't want it to show what items they have there :p
Edit the 'newpoints_postbit' template and remove '{$newpoints_shop}' or something similar to that
I can't find the newpoints_postbit, or anything similar to this, I've looked in postbit and in other things that it may have been in :/
It's in Global Templates
Ah, thank you so much Big Grin
I keep having an error when i try to install new points. Its says a file doesn't exist