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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Today I installed a new mybb forum (Version 1.6.7) and the newpoints plugin, but all I can see (in the ACP) ist this:
All links are missing or I just can't see them for any reason. Ideas? Uploaded it several times now, tried to redownload the files here, but nothing changes.

Edit: I don't know what was wrong the times before, but now (I wanted to try one last time) everything is normal and the links appear as they should ^^
Thanks for making this a free plugin.
A user has said they should get points for every +rep they recieve
i was looking something like this,finally found here thanks for it.
I tried removing the postbit, just to get rid of the images, it worked but has also removed the amount of points they have. Can someone help me with this? In postbit, what shall I change so it only shows amount they have and not the images for what they've bought?
What images? NewPoints has no images. Unless you've installed a plugin
Is there a way to put a maximum limit on the total number of points a user/forum member can earn in a day (24 hours) ?
No that is not possible
Is there any way to have a control over Donation of Points? Like, members belonging to a certain group only can donate/receive jewels to/from other members etc.
No that is not possible