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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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1.9.4 is now available. Fixes an incompatibility issue with MyBB 1.6.6
Still require 1 change:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method pluginSystem::run_hooks_by_ref() in /home/cyberha2/public_html/inc/plugins/newpoints/core/hooks.php on line 62
inc\plugins\newpoints\core\plugin.php still shows version 1.9.3. Smile

Thanks for the update.
Please re-download, all issues should now be fixed. Thanks for reporting.
Running good on 1.6.6, Thanks
Thank you great plug in adds fun to the boards keep up the good work
Whats the use of new points? I've installed it cause i want the lottery to be in my forum. But it seems nothings appears in my forum
Go to
is there a way to increase newpoints for admin? i mean how can i make admin points lets say 1000 points without donation.?
Edit the user's points from ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance -> Edit User