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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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No it is not possible.
I love this. :O
Hi There,

Everytime I try edit a user on the Maintenance page, its says "Invalid User".

So... I wanna know what is exactly the ID. Is the nickname that the user register with (Like Dani16King) or something else?
its something else, when you visit the users profile it will say something along the lines of; if your using the Google SEO URL plugin
or if your not using the SEO URL plugin

The number next to uid= or user- is the User ID.
This is the number you want to enter into the text box.

In this example 7121.
This Plug-in have a miniBUG:

I'm translate to Spanish and don't find this line in the Permisions:

[Image: bIcUw.png]

Because, in the newpoints_module_meta.lang.php don't finde the line for translate:

[Image: rhWhk.png]

What should we put in this line? Smile.
That one was probably added by a NewPoints plugin
Yes, the error is caused by the Plug-in: Buy Usertitle and Username 1.1

But I don't find the error in this Plug-in Sad.
Find the variable and change its value.
What variable?
The language one. But inside the plugin's language file