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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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After running the upgrade to 1.9, if I insert "" (quotation marks) into the 'Currency Suffix' setting, it translate it as

On the profile and postbit.
You sure it it is " and not ' ?
Yes, actually I had have to use ' because " doesn't worked still when it did before upgrading.
I didn't understand the last part of your message
Sorry, before upgrading to NewPoints 1.9 " (quotation marks) worked for using images in 'Currency Suffix' setting.

But after upgrading it did not worked and now I have to use ' (semi-quotation marks?) for it to work.
Oh I think I know what's the problem. It's because of the way NewPoints handles settings now but I have to check why that happens
Thanks for checking it Pirata Smile
How to change the text at the newpoints.php?
That text is gathered from the settings
Hi, there

I have installed everything for NewPoints successfully and have added numerous plugins for it and have tested all of them out, so I know that NewPoints itself is working correctly, but when I try to access my regular MyBB plugins I get this error.

I know it's because of the hooks.php file in NewPoints, I just don't know how to fix it!

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare newpoints_admin_load_hook() (previously declared in /home/bnwflzmz/public_html/inc/plugins/newpoints/core/hooks.php:41) in /home/bnwflzmz/public_html/inc/plugins/hooks.php on line 39