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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Yes that is what i was trying to do
(02-08-2011, 09:09 AM)BleepyEvans Wrote: [ -> ]Yes that is what i was trying to do

Was the shop running fine before that? It seems you uninstalled it incorrectly for some reason.
Yes I was just going to reinstall it because the points werent showing up in the postbit_author bit and the varible was there.
But did you uninstall it?
Well the page now doesnt display anything, but it still stays at "Activate | Uninstall" in the plugin menu.

What do you mean by doesn't display anything and what page? You must start giving more details otherwise I'll refuse to help you.

Look at your posts since you you posted the error (which I did not know how it happened since you didn't tell me what you did), you barely give any details.
Here ya go.

Erm spoilers?

Top left group of pictures are when the plugin is activated
The first picture in the group is of the posbit_author_user, as you can see there is no points value or donate button.
The next picture down is of a user profile, as you can see no point information there either.
The bttom picture is of the newpoints php page, it seems to be working fine.

Top right is when the plugin is deactivated
Again as on the right, the first picture is of posbit_autor_user, the information is not there which is shouldnt be, but it was never there before deactivation anyway.
This is the same case with the picture below.
The bottom picture of the group is when I try accessing the points page after it has been deactivate. Some problem there.

Bottom right is when I try to uninstall
When I try to uninstall the plugin to rectifiy the problem this error message occurs. Seems like the tables dont like being dropped.

I hope thats enought info, let me know if you want admin permissions to my site:
Oh and ....

Red = Incorrect
Green= Correct

Ok thats about it.

Thanks, speak later Smile
Please do the following. Go to the NewPoints Plugins ACP page and uninstall all plugins.
I still haven't understood when you get the SQL error but if it's when you try to uninstall the Shop, please when the error shows up copy the link in the URL bar and replace the "action=deactivate&uninstall=1" with "action=deactivate", run it and then "action=activate" and run it and finally "action=deactivate&uninstall=1" and then install it again please (by run I mean copy the first link and then once you execute each action paste the old link on the URL bar and alter it and then run it). If the SQL error shows up again please let me know.

As for the rest, once all plugins have been uninstalled successfully, uninstall NewPoints and then install it again.

This should clear everything.
Yes, its when I try to uninstall the main newpoints plugin.

Uninstalled all other plugins first and followed the exact steps above, but still got the same error.

Would it be easier to delete the databases from the server?
Which NewPoints plugins do you have installed? I need to know this before telling you how to proceed.