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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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yeah i hope this get famous soon
Big Grin
Thanks for this release Nervo Smile
Great job- switched over today
We need more plugin developers! lol Free is preferred.. Big Grin
Thanks for making this a free plugin Tongue
New plugin to be release soon by me, but still pending, so P.Nervo will verify my codes.

- Attachment Cost [former Pay to Download]
just after I finished translating Myplaza !!! thanks for the realease , I'll wait till you have the shop system and game system and I'll have it .
Newpoints Shop plugin will be release soon not later than next week.. Smile Developer still busy with other stuff.. Big Grin Thanks
Will see and might dev some plugins when i have time.
I miss you, time =( lol
Next job, money on birthday plugin! Smile just like birthday gift module or i'll port it here..