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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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No, you can't.
theres a bug, whenever i donate to someone it shows their name but it only shows a part of the name in the stats. EG. the full name is kenji-sensei, and it only shows "kenji" Also another bug, whenever i donate to someone, it only shows the donated amount as 54.00, ive tried all types of values and it still only shows 54.00
I noticed this bug only applies to people with weird names, etc kenji-sensei. names with a "-" in it.
The amount should be correct since the array data changes on each row queried from the database.
The name of the user is formatted using build_profile_link so I don't know why it shows up like that.

Could you please post a dump of the newpoints_log table containing those donations? Thanks.
Ok I'm very confused!

I just upgraded my board to mybb 1.6.

I had Newpoints 1.4 in there.'
I upgraded that FIRST to 1.5.

I deactivated ALL my plugins and upgraded Newpoints to 1.6 and then upgraded my board.

Everything is fine except now the shop does not show on the newpoints.php page when I click the link.

I see the shop activated in the ACP.
I see the settings are still there as I had them prior to upgrade.
I can see shop items in postbit.
I can click shop item and it shows users items.
I can get to the shop from the item I just clicked because there is a 'buy' button and that is what takes me to the shop.

I tried deactivating and reactivating. No joy.
I read the instructions and all documentation several times and no mention of the shop.
I read this whole thread from page one to 34 and nothing mentioning this.

I just checked the plugins section for Newpoints and the shop plugin does not say it's for 1.6 or 1.7
Is it now a plugin like the Bank? (the bank works just fine BTW)
If it is, Do I need to update that as a plugin and reset it all again?

I just updated to 1.7 Newpoints and it's the same thing.
Bank is working wooho.. but where did the statistics page go?
OK I got it working!

(09-29-2010, 02:26 AM)CODEHX Wrote: [ -> ]Bank is working wooho.. but where did the statistics page go?

It's still there
yeah, my statistic page is check "yes" to view to everyone but its not there.. I just have Lottery, Bank, and Shop
I'm running 1.7 on CA and seems to work fine. You sure you doing everything right?
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