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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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You can create a forum rule do disallow income on certain forums Smile
I'm not in a rush to use this, so would you recommend using 1.1 now, or waiting for 2.0?

2.0 is too far away. The next release is 1.2.
If you are not in a rush, I'd recommend you to wait until 1.2 is out as it should be bug free whilst this one has two bugs as far as I remember - not critical bugs
Oh sorry, that's what I meant 1.2
Hm, unsure why 2.0 came to mind instead.
Yeah I read about the two bugs and the upcoming fix, and thought that was going to be 2.0

Great, I'll just wait on that then.

$l['newpoints_reconstructed'] = 'You have successfully reconstructed the templates successfully.';

lol thanks for the report
Nothing =)
Sorry to ask and I'm really not trying to rush but any ETA on when 1.2 will be out?
Will be out once Shop 1.1 is ready
A new tutorial on installing this needs to be released because it makes no sense.