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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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So is their any guess on the release date?? Hopefully before 2010???
I can't release it unless all bugs are fixed. If by the weekend, Glas hasn't replied to my PM (which was sent last week I think), I'll get another beta tester.
oops... ill try to do bug tracking again.. sorry been busy this past days
T0m is already debugging it Smile
cool.. sorry for my absent. been busy with real life that i haven't finish some plugins for newpoints lol im happy to know that 1.1 will be release soon not later this monday, right? Smile

i see some post of the other points system author Smile
all i can say, Light weight is the best! Smile
Yeah I hope to release it by monday as all known bugs have been fixed already Smile
Updated to 1.1 beta - this is a beta release, it might contain bugs, but from the tests made by the beta testers, I was able to fix several bugs (most of them are minor). This version is definitely more stable than 1.0
cool! thanks P.Nervo! let me debug this if i can find one later.. lol Big Grin
Awesome, I'm surely going to try this plugin out now Smile
Report any bugs you may find