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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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I've fixed all bugs I think, I am going to pm the fixed version to the beta testers so they can confirm everything's working.
I just can't wait, I attempted to code a newpoints plugin but failed horribly... I've not made a succesful plugin yet rofl,

Mainly because I can't seem to find any decent indepth tutorials on plugin creation with samples / snippets to learn from
Take a look at the plugins that come with NewPoints, they all have comments Smile
When is 1.1 coming out?
Soon, me and my beta testers have been trying hard to get all bugs fixed Smile
I can't wait
Two bugs left, Glas is busy this week so he won't be able to confirm if the bugs are fixed. I hope to release NewPoints 1.1 next week, it depends on him Tongue
Oh Sad
has been 2 months since you said it would release soon =( but still am waiting for it Smile.
I can't do anything if I don't get a message telling me if the bugs are fixed or not