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Full Version: NewPoints 1.9.9
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Added donate reason, finished upgrade script for NewPoints 1.1, which should be run from the new upgrade system that comes with NewPoints 1.1.
Fixed the Pts bug that Shadows reported and fixed another problem I found in 1.1 (not in 1.0)
I have to finish the Shop now and then release it. I really hope I can finish it this weekend but I can't promise
Hope so too so I could start writing plugins for the shop.
Good luck!
- Shadows.
I can't wait for 1.1, as soon as it comes out I'm going to implement it into my forum and try my handing at writing a plugin or two perhaps.
I cannot find the option in "maintenance" tab to add/remove points from a user.... Sad
nm...i am an idiot Tongue
Did you find it?
how about the 1.1 Nervo? When will you release it? Smile
Hopefully this weekend
more fixed? can i try it sir? if it compatible with my dev plugin lol
Yes, it should be bug free. I'll pm you and glas once the converter is finished.
I want a PM lol Sad Can't wait for this Big Grin