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Full Version: MyPlaza shop question
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I would like to know if there is anyway to sell packages at the shop, like list some items that contain more than one item..

another thing, is there a way to manage in which threads the income module works? because i am having spam issues due to the money for post thingy.
1. i think "second item module" would help.. not sure modules, look for income module, click "option" Smile
nah it wont, i need to sell one item that has inside it about 5 items.
and there is no option for choosing the threads ids in where it is working.. it works on all automaticly.
it will only work on a forum.. try editing your forum and look for "The income will be multiplied by this number for all users in this forum."
ok thanks a lot Big Grin
you're welcome mate! my pleasure to help Smile
Do you still need help?
@chongua thanks for helping here Smile
ya the first question hasn't been answered yet Tongue
Oh, no it's not possible to buy multiple items
Hmm, Are you sure? Well if it can be coded the way php can, it should be able to. A new row in the items table called multi? And then an if statement in the page that gives the user the item, if multi = 1, give items 0, 1, 903, etc. Idk.
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