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Full Version: MyPlaza shop question
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It is possible to code it but without adding or editing anything, it's not possible Tongue
So ill basically have to re-code the page where you actually buy things right?
Yes and the inventory module would have to be recoded as well.
Hmm whys that? Couldnt I just recode the buy page to make it give all of the items at once? You know, add X many new rows into the DB with those item values etc.
How would you make packages?
How would you destinguish packages from regular items?
A partial recode would be required, not a full one but most of it yes
it will be more complex to make it as an Pirata Nervo explain the bases to me before.. Smile try it with a friendly redirect page Tongue or a buy access form ..
@Pirata: Well I could add a new field in the DB for the items called package, default could be 0 and if set to 1, give the items the package contains and if else, just continue the original buy stuff.
But that would need an interface
I see.
Well Idk in that case. Thanks for your help anyway.
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