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Full Version: Admin - User Activation Plugin
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I think this would be the most useful plugin for everyone.

For a large site, I have one, there are A LOT of spammers and returning banned members.

What would be great is a User Validation tool, where it:
- displays ALL users in the Awaiting Activation group, and their IPs whether there's a match to another account or not.
- display the email address to judge if it's a fake.
- check boxes next to each account so we can mass activate them all at once (this feature is in vBulletin)

Hope you can do this Smile

Thanks for your time.
A mockup of how it would look like would be cool Tongue
Looks a nice idea
Yeah something like this is really needed & and I'm sure would help attract new subscribers, that plugin alone is worth the $5 / 10 subscriptions.
But can you provide me a mockup or preview image of what you would like it too look like please?
Oh oops lol Sorry, I thought you meant you were making one. I'll pm you a mock up right now.
Replied to your pm
Thanks, it's easier for me now Tongue
Because I'll delete my pms soon (almost 200)