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Full Version: Restricted PMing to Staff
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How about a plugin that allows only specified Groups to check off an options to only receive messages from staff?
This would allow all the top Administrators to block out those messages.
Not sure what you mean.
Do you mean that only admins can send private messages or that admins can still send PM's to users even if they choose to not receive PM's from anyone?
The second one, Admins can still send messages to everyone but only other Admins & Mods can send to Admins.
Ok, let me see if I get it.
If a user has disabled pm's, the admins and mods can still send a pm to that user.
And admins and mods can't receive pm's from anyone else beside admins and mods?
Yeah, I also have some custom made staff groups, if you could put in an option to specify additional "Admin/Mod" Group ID's, that'd be awesome Smile
Yeah sure. I don't know if I will make this plugin or when I will make it. I'm busy at the moment with another big one
nice idea.. Smile I might try making a plugin for this.. but i can't promise enough.. Smile so to give more on Nervo doing the biggest project he's going to release.. Big Grin