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Full Version: Who could give me the RSS of new york times?
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I want to include into a forum the New York times RSS's.
Two questions:
- Is legal, isn't it?
- Who could give me the exact url of rss?

I have to use it with a plugin of mybb that posts the RSS into a section
Them are the whole feeds?
no thread :S
Here's a list of them:
The links to the XML files are the feeds
I added an XML file link but doesn't work the same :S
Does the plugin really work?
Idk if i couldn't try it!
Well if it's not working...maybe it doesn't work? Did you make the plugin?
Ahahahaha surely not! I didn't make the plugin! If i made that I already would know that it was my fault
Double post
Have you tried a simple RSS feed like ?
By the way, your server must have allow_url_fopen enabled and the feed must be RSS and I think NYT is Atom
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