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Full Version: Protected emails against Email Spammer Module
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Current protected e-mails:
  • hibbyware's e-mail
  • Console World's e-mail
  • Pirata Nervo's e-mail
  • M33 User's email

The Protection costs 2,000 (.)(.)
Pay me and I will add your e-mail Smile

Remember you can sell your current bought items Tongue

The price of the spamming module is 5000 (.)(.) that's why the protection costs 2000 (.)(.), it must be lower than the item price

I will probably make a module which will cost 2000 (.)(.) too and you type your email inside a text box and click buy item. Your e-mail will be protected since then.
Sounds like an idea for nervo to make more money lol Tongue
Yeh, lol, but it's not fair at all.
lmfao. ill look into it