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Full Version: [request] buy access forum module
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what about making it as an item, like the bump thread item which you'll going to add the forum id to buy access on it? it is possible? just a suggestion though.. Smile you're idea on your above post is good too..

Note: I'm willing to learn making MyPlaza Modules and items.. Smile if you got one tutorial then.. thanks
I won't make it as an item because it would need to create items "on the fly" that's not what I want.
It's easier and better how it is now.
As for MyPlaza modules, as long as you know PHP, it's easy to learn. Just take a look at the demo module, it comes with a lot of comments
- I'm not a good Php coder, but i learned it before when i did coding for mods of Php-fusion Smile
ok.. I'm willing to learn much of the coding you're using for myplaza.. I'll try soon Smile thanks pirata..

- so I go for your option on that module setting..
Trust me, it's easier that way. Even for those who don't have access to those forums, when they try to view one they'll see a message:
"You haven't bought access to this forum. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the payment. Amount of points required: POINTS HERE"
If it was via item, they'd see an error no permission page. I prefer it this way
yeah.. I go for your idea! that's a nice one.. i've seen one before made by nickman, buy access too.. but its not a myplaza mods.. its a myps extension Smile

and about on making mods, i'll try make one soon.. i have to learn first on how to make it.. thanks p. nervo..
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