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Full Version: Added new item: email spammer (by me)
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Today I made a email spammer module Smile

You can send up to 50 emails Tongue I don't allow more because of the bandwidth.
It attaches the following message to the end of the email:
Email sent by:
<a href="LINK TO PROFILE">USER</a>

where USER it will show the username on version 0.2 Tongue
It is still 0.1.
It has some protections against injections and bots, ONLY users can send emails and you cannot access the module directly.

It need some fixings on error messages. For some reason they are not showing right but I will fix them once I get back on tuesday.

PROTECTED EMAILS (you can't send emails to)
* hibbyware (he does not want to be spammed lol)
* Pirata Nervo (both emails, mine and consoleworld's one)

if you want to be in the list, pay me 2000 boobies.
Seriusly not funny at all, I have got enough spam on my e-mail... Reputation -
And you did'nt add Bold, Italic, Underlined and Striked font........ lol Tongue
lol @ reputation.
I know I did not add, in case you don't know, I work everyday...and I had to finish NervOS.
I will add those next week when I get home.
By the way I have just added a time limit between boughts. 3 days
if you dont find it funny, pay me 2000 Big Grin

the item costs 5000 now
the module is currently disabled.
I will upload 0.2 next week
I need to do some changes on the main system of the module.
E-mails will ONLY work for users on the forum.
you won't type the email to spam anymore but the user ID to spam.
this is to prevent some problems like paying fees because of the spam.

YOU choose how many emails to send AND I am not responsible for any consequence that you may suffer by using the module.
i find it funny. i wantz spam.
[Image: spam.jpg]

EDIT: why are u still here. u should be on ur vacation.
Lol, Have the money, but don't wanna waste it lol. Spam away.
dude, nice. lol. I may make use of this. :p

oh, and go ahead and spam me if you want, lol. Gmail will take care of it.

actually, I want some one to do it to me lol. I wanna see if Gmail puts it all in spam.
there are ways of cheating it.
I could cheat the hotmail because with the current version I can change the "From:" field.
So I just needed to put a valid email (which hotmail knowsits not spam) and it worked.
But on 0.2 it won't work that way anymore
well, Gmail is smarter than Hotmail.