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Full Version: Items effect MyRPG
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You can answer with codes and stuff, because i wont be doing this, but a coder with good knowledge , so please answer this question:

how can we make it so other items. not ones like axe and sword, but the ones we create. add attack or defence or health to your MyRPG stats?

thank you.
I have answered this question hundreds of times. It's not possible
sorry, not by options or something, but bye changing codes?

just like how you did the axe and sword etc. can you explain how did you do that? please?
Yes, you'll need to insert items like the RPG ones and then modify the code myrpg_user.php myrpg_admin.php so the settings can be changed from the module options and they take effect when someone buys them.
It's not easy for someone who doesn't know PHP, anyway Destroy To Win will allow you to create units
it will be easy i think, told u it isnt me. its someone with lots of html knowledge.
he did edit those settings your telling me about, but he couldnt make it work. so thats why am asking. can you be more specific? how should the code be like?

whats Destroy to Win btw?
HTML has nothing to do with PHP, it's completely different.
He must understand how myrpg_user.php works as well but someone with some php knowledge should be able to edit it
I can't be bothered to explain step by step what you need to edit and what queries you should run, otherwise I'd just re-write MyRPG

You'll see what's destroy to win soon I guess.
sorry, he do know both html and php, but he cant figure out how it exactly works.
thanks for your answers Big Grin

(will it be free? :O)
No, will be for subscribers only and I'm not sure if it will ever be released.
In myrpg_user.php he'll find the part that contains the "give attack, defence" functions
lol, k thnx again Tongue
In Myrpg_admin.php, what part declares how much each rpg item adds to the users attack or defense or health?
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