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Full Version: Items effect MyRPG
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Have you checked the unassigned items using the unassigned items filter?
Hmm no, ill try that and get back to you.
Ok, thanks
i've successfully add 1 item.. but need lots of times to understand the code -__-
and i also need to reinstall the MyRPG in order to take effect.

edit the myrpg_admin.php myrpg_user.php and add images..
takes about 2 to 3 hours for me (i'm PHP newbie)
Yeap it's not that easy, that's why the rpg plugin for NewPoints will be completely different. Items won't be hard coded so you can easily add/edit/delete items Smile
Nervo, i hope that you make a MyRPG converter for newpoints
No, I have already said I won't be making a converter because there's nothing to convert. Everything will be different
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