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Full Version: Items effect MyRPG
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Each item has a setting
Yes but where are they defined XD
Settings are inserted on activation, so myrpg_activate
where does this thing exist?
i cant find it in /forums/inc/plugins/myplaza.
myrpg_activate is a function
Uhh well, I tried to edit the page to make it work for other items but no avail. What exact part defines it.
A lot of lines in different files :p
Hmm, well you know the custom items? How come in the my plaza turbo control panel, they dont show up on the list, of how much they should add to the users attack/defense? I read through myrpg_admin.php and there is a section for the custom items, but they dont show up in the admin panel.
hmm not sure what you mean by custom items, the ones that come with MyRPG? the 2 extra ones that you can edit?
Yes. Attack Item and Defense Item or something along those lines.
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