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Full Version: MySB Shoutbox?
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Is there a way so that I can make it only available on certain themes?
Nope, unless you don't set anything in the zone setting and you place the code yourself which is <mysb_shoutbox>
Isn't it possible by editing the templates and removing the <mysb_shoutbox> from the templates of themes you don't want?
MyShoutbox doesn't require template edits
Ok lol xP will check code sometime Tongue curious how you did it then.
Going to make some music now. Cya

By the version 1.2 i don´t find a entry in the table "index"

The old version add the following entry into table index: <mysb_shoutbox>

but where i can find the entry by this version? Its very important for me to find it...
I don't understand what you mean, you just need to change the settings Smile
i know, but the problem is the following:

in my default Templates "index" you see for example:
(by the old Version 1.1)


but i miss this entry. in which template i can find the shoutbox entry,
to see the position (by 1.2) ?
MyShoutbox 1.3 doesn't need that anymore. However ,you can still put it anywhere you want
Hey Pirata,

you understand it wrong.

I don´t find the entry <mysb_shoutbox> in the version 1.2

In which Template is the Entry? In "index" Template is NO Entry.

By the Version 1.0 is the entry, but not in 1.2
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