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Full Version: avatars for portal
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I am redesigning my portal page.
I saw here that also the avatar is showed in the who is online list.
I need almost the same one for portal.

- avatar resised to 30x30 or 40x40
- by mouse over show users name
- by clicking go to profile
Hmm, doesn't it do that already?
This is what is add in the portal: {$whosonline} 

You only get the names from who is online not avatars
Oh like the ones here in my index page? You want the same in the portal page?
I didn't read the first post correctly when I posted
Actualy I want the avatars that people add by themselves, but then resised, in the portal.
In your list also the name is under the avatar, but for me is enough only the name by mouse over.
It's not possible without core edits as far as I know
a plugin can help that too, right? Smile
I do not know but I see it as a great net things for the portal page.
For the portal page are only a few things avaibele so why not.
No, it's not possible via plugin, if it works like the index, which I believe it does, it is not possible with a plugin
What plugin do you use to do this on the indexpage???
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