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Full Version: Error in Help Center plugin
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When i open a ticket it says: Authorization code invalid.

How to fix it?
You don't have Help Center at teensworld so I can't test it. Works fine on my localhost
I think you mean:
Anyway, it works fine on my localhost. There are no tickets there so you can't close them to open them again, not sure how you got that error in these conditions
i opened a ticket and it said that o.o
but there are no tickets
and what do you mean by "opened a ticket" ?
trying to creAte a ticket i wrote the text etc and then: Code authorization invalid etc
that's not opening a ticket but submitting one.
Anyway I've just done it on my localhost too and btw, only regular users can create tickets, you shouldn't be able to create one as admins on your site are managers/support team
I've just registered and I can reproduce the error. However, it works fine on my live website ( and my localhost.
Try the same at teensworld but with the default language
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