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Full Version: My Permissions 1.0
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Thank you!
My friend will love this kind of control. It's what his whole site is based on.
Right now there is no way to do this on any software and he has like 90 user groups set up to juggle members, permissions and specific forums according to who can see what and who's banned from where etc.... it's a giant babysitting job as it is now.
Yeah I know what you mean Tongue
Pirata Nervo, would it be possible to make it limit access to subdomain pages?

For example, main forum page:

Custom page:

So then users must be logged in to open that page?
No but you can use the default permissions system to make sure guests can't view the forum
i just tried this plugin
and it's awesome
but i think there is a big problem
what about modules?

At the moment, it only accepts actions, it's not supposed to work in the Admin CP as you can control those actions already.
I still fail to see a point in this. The description is not very descriptive to me.
It's a way to control permissions of plugins for example. Imagine a plugin which has a page whose URL is and has no permissions control, so everyone's able to view the page. With this plugin you can control who sees that page
Is this just for plugins? Like could i stop someone visiting or however forums classify users urls as?
This can be used for any page Smile
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