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Full Version: MySB Deleting Problem
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I cant delete the shouts. When it says "are you sure?" i click yes and nothing happens.
What browser are you using?
firefox the latest one. I noticed it only cannot delete when i accidently private messaged the bot.
hmm the bot has nothing to do with not being able to delete. link to website please
Think it does. Im able to delete EVERYTHING else but the one message i private message the bot
Oh I thought you couldn't delete any messages because of the pvt one. That might have an easy explanation after I look at the code.
I'm off again anyway
turns out I cant delete any pvt things on the mysb. Any idea?
Not sure, everything works fine here. The pvt or bot shouts shouldn't make any difference. Works perfectly here(console world), my test site, my localhost and a few other websites I've tested it in
Forget the bot shouts lol. All pvt's dont delete. Any help?
I guess I know what happens, it just goes to the top of the page, right?
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