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Full Version: uninstalling myplaza
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Hi Pirata.. I see some codes needs for improvement about myplaza's uninstalling..

Some template edits where not remove when uninstalling myplaza..

Like in postbit template, myplaza links not remove when uninstalling.. and also in member_profile template..

Just checking/testing it for a while.. so i can report any bugs i can found..

Thank you,

(Pardon with my grammar) Big Grin
It will not remove things if the templates differ which is not a plaza bug. It removes/adds everything from/to the default theme
so you mean you have to remove every template edits manually? Smile thanks
If it didn't remove them completely yes but it should remove all of them and if not all of them, most of them should have been removed
it is possible to do automatic removal of template edits when deactivating or uninstalling myplaza? Smile
It should do them automatically. If there's something that hasn't been removed it was because it was edited by your or some edits were not removed by the installed modules
ok.. I'm still confuse. Big Grin Why it is not removed during uninstalling. . Smile
I've already explained two times >.>
You edited it and it couldn't find exactly what to remove or you had a module that couldn't remove the edits made by it, thus MyPlaza couldn't remove the rest of the edits because there was another edit
i figure it out.. Smile maybe I did the edit of said template of module Smile sorry my bad..