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Full Version: [request] buy myplaza point via paypal
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hi it is possible to do integration on buying points of myplaza using paypal?
can i request for it?

thank you,
I think you need to be a subscriber to request...?
Not exactly CO_ol, but you need a subscription to get it if you request it lol.
Ah, ok. xD
ok.. im sorry my bad.. i thought its ok to request if you're a regular user.. Smile thanks
Yeah it is.
Though I think Pirata was working on this for "our" project?
No, myplaza modules are free and will always be free.
This something I've wanted to make already and I might make it soon Smile
thanks.. it is possible to use myplaza together with myps? Smile im planning to switch on myplaza turbo.. Tongue

looking forward for this project pirata! Smile thanks again..
It is but doesn't make much sense because both have points systems
if ever does this project starts, then this my turnover to switch to myplaza.. Smile making post will make users to wait till they get the exact quota for subscription, than doing this buy points via paypal will make it more easier for them.. Smile (sorry for my english) lol my keyboard sucks.. Big Grin
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