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Full Version: plaza help SOLVED may be locked now. althought could be of use for others in the future.
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Okay I updated mybb plaza (with an update I got from ) it worked fine at first then now all the items just lost their price value. I checked the items to see if they reset but the prices they were originally logged as are still there. So I just re-typed the info and clicked submit and it still shows up as free. So I buy an item I havent bought before and it still shows up as free. Then I tried deleting and remaking an item but it still shows the same. Can some one help me please? Should I just have mybb plaza closed down to where no body can buy items?

*it is not my site but I'm still trying to help with it like I said I would.*
What's the version you're using?
be more specific please.
MyBB Version,PHP Version,SQL Engine, Server Load, or MyPlaza Turbo?
MyPlaza Turbo Smile
according to the plugin (0.3.0)
Have you tried to uninstall and install myplaza turbo again?
no, hold on a sec. I have to copy the items to my site which I use for testing things if need be. I'll move the other two items to it then I'll uninstall it and install it again. I'll edit this post with the outcome.
Just reply to this post
okay it works now. just have to give everyone their money back so they can rebuy their items and oops I should have checked their bank amounts before I did uninstall it. I'll just check the old logs when they deposited money then add about 200 to it. I guees next time that happens I should check their numbers of what they had and save them somewhere. Thanks for having me do something that I blindly missed on what to do.
EDIT: oops appearently everything reset itself includint the log and the amount of money each person had (also including the bank)
after you uninstall it, everything regarding myplaza is deleted Smile Just use the recount feature from the maintenance tab
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