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Full Version: Convert to Arabic Language
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Hi ,

I want to translate this great plugin into arabic language . I need to know what exactly to change . should I only change files in inc/languages/ ??
or I have to change other things too ??

Try changing the language files only and if you need to convert the plaza tables to UTF-8, go to Admin CP -> Tools & Maintenance and convert the plaza_* tables from there Smile
ok thank you . If I face any problem I'll post it here .
Ok, if it works fine, post here it too please Tongue
well , I guess it didn't work . instead of showing the arabic letters , it shows like question marks or something like this , I converted the tables but still the same problem . here is the links of the forum :
this is the link to a user :
it's in the bottom corner in the right ( arabic from right to left) , you'll find $10 and then Donate and question marks . may be I didn't save the file with the right encoding(arabic language file) , I will try to save it as unicode . But if you can know the problem now , plz tell me .
Sorry but I don't see any question marks :/
well . characters like this :
�� ���� �������
I know but I don't see any :/
lol , check the following link and the image

here is an image :

if u still can't see it plz take a screenshot of the screen on that page .
btw : Are you always on the forums ??
I see them now but last time I checked I didn't. Weird. What about the settings table? is it UTF-8 too?
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