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Full Version: VIP Membership 1.2
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(01-11-2010, 07:56 AM)rafa Wrote: [ -> ]Looks nice, wel done!

(01-19-2010, 07:08 AM)arang Wrote: [ -> ]Good job Pirata Nervo, nice plugin!

Good job and nice plugin?? lol Have you tried it? i think before you say it, you better try it.. lol so subscribe now Dudes!

Don't spam it here.. Big Grin
Nice plugins
THIS is where I meant to post that question that I posted in the Custom Online Status thread.

Is THIS plugin the one that is used here?
No, we use MyIPN
I was going to use that, but I didn't know what to use as the notification URL when I was enabling IPN Notifications. Undecided
You should ask for support at mybb central
found short bug
Quote:Membership Terminated
ADMIN has terminated ADMIN's membership.

i read the lang file it says "
$l['vipmembership_pm_global_endmember'] = '{1}\'s membership has terminated.';

language error or code error? Smile I'll try to fix it if I can.. just informing you P.Nervo about this.. thanks
found it Smile


instead of:
$l['vipmembership_pm_endmember'] = '{1} has terminated {1}\'s membership.';

replace it with this
$l['vipmembership_pm_endmember'] = '{1} has terminated {2}\'s membership.';
Thank you for your bug report Smile
Updated to 1.2
you're welcome dude! at your service as you know lol Tongue
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