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Full Version: VIP Membership 1.2
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I have made a plugin called MySubscriptions for bluntman which is more complex than MyIPN by labrocca but I don't think I am going to release it
why don't you release it Nervo?
Because I don't want to end with labrocca's business
yeah.. okay.. i know what you mean Smile
Keep up the good work Pirata!
Thanks, and thanks for subscribing Smile
Pirata, is it possible to improve the plugin so that a VIP membership group can use Larger Avatar & Signature limits than the one set via the User Settings?

I think that'd be a huge positive to users subscribing for VIP Membership Smile
No because that's not the purpose of the plugin. This plugin is supposed manage memberships, permissions have nothing to do with it Smile
... I'll pay you to make that change for me Big Grin
Please :O
I don't even know if what you want is possible, without core edits
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